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 • Pars Tile Company one of the first tile and porcelain producers alongside its great pedigree in Iran was established in 1973 located at Alborz Industrial Zone with an area of 95000 square meters. The main two brands are Pars Modern and Pars Midas.

 • Our company has achieved considerable market share in both export and domestic sales with its most advanced and high quality machineries, raw material and expert personnel.


Naming some of our most recognized and distinguished specifications as per below:

 • Producing big size mono color tile which attracts different projects such as residential, official, commercial, industrial, etc.

 • Receiving Road, Housing and Urban development certificate was a major step toward introducing new descriptions for facade by using big size porcelain.

 • Pars Tile credible certificates by most well-known organizations are:

 • GC MARK – IOS 13006 – ISO 14001 – ISO 9001 – OHSAS 18001 -  ISIRI and CE

 • Producing the following sizes for double firing: 30X30, 30X60, 30X75 , 30X90 , 100X30

 • Producing the following sizes for porcelain: 60X60, 80X80 , 60X120


Employee Ethics Charter

We, the officials and employees of the Kashi Pars Company (Public Joint Stock Company), are committed to complying with the following ethics in our work:


1) I consider the Lord in all aspects of his actions and behaviors, and I will carry out the responsibilities and duties that have been assigned with due regard to my conscience, commitment and professional expertise.


2) We consider ourselves as a member of Kashi Pars Household (Public Joint Stock Company) and will endeavor to do its best to realize the company's and its industry's goals.


3) I will always respect the high authority and human dignity of all the coworkers and custodians, and I will observe the highest level of politeness, courtesy and humility in dealing with the lord.


4) We respect all our colleagues from all divine religions and religions, regardless of individual and gender differences, and refrain from discrimination between them, and will strive to use all the human capital of the company.


5) The purpose of my first, materials stable Pars Tile (LLP), and if the interests of the individual, organizational and my career with the interests of conflict of interests, the interests of the company based its decision are Tenth


6) As an affiliate of Karshi Pars, we protect and protect the information and secrets of the company, at the time of and after the responsibility, and keep secret, and in all its decisions and actions, seek and accept the criticism and opinions of others, take responsibility for their mistakes. Accepted and value for critical points of view, and I feel obliged to report to my superiors.


7) to promote scientific and professional staff newsgroups, and to enhance the productivity and growth of no effort spared should not and Comment representatives and clients welcome and have to improve and satisfy your workflow am .


8) The company's capital, including manpower, machinery, machinery, facilities, buildings and buildings, is considered as the main capital of the company, I will try to protect, maintain, correct and improve them and protect and safeguard this capital. .


9) When I come to the conclusion that I have lost the ability to carry out responsibility, I will declare my superiors, and when I entrust my newly entrusted organization or responsibility with all my information and experiences To my successor.


10) I shall carry out my duties and responsibilities accurately, accurately, explicitly and promptly, so as not to disrupt the time and rights of others.


Pars Tile Company is one of the first tile manufacturers in Iran that was established in 1352 and operated in 1356.

After 36 years of continuous production and presence in the domestic markets as one of the strongest manufacturers of single and double cake tiles, the company, based on extensive baseline studies and the implementation of the renovation program, collected all its production lines in 2000, and Instead of replacing it with machinery in line with the latest technology in the world, in addition to improving the quality of its products and its position in the domestic markets, adding porcelain stone production technology in order to allow the presence in international markets to produce its products in three The separate production phase will be presented below.


Phase 1: Construction of a two-wall tile production line with a capacity of 2,000,000 square meters.


Phase 2: Construction of a new production line for floor tiles with a capacity of 3,500,000 square meters. All kinds of glazed porcelain products.


Phase 3: The construction of a comprehensive production line for porcelain gems (Advanced Twill PRESSES porcelain coatings) with the ability to convert to a variety of FULL BODY, SOLUBLE SALT & GLAZED PORCELAIN products with a capacity of 1,000,000 square meters, manufactured by PARSTON and due to Extremely high mechanical, chemical, waterproof and water-absorbing properties are unrivaled and can be installed in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Residential and residential buildings, sidewalks, indoor and outdoor exterior, schools and institutes, shopping malls and exhibitions. , Airports, metro stations and transit terminals, hotels and resorts, cultural and artistic centers and Alnhay View, fitness centers, swimming pools and all indoor and outdoor facilities, hospitals, laboratories and health centers, factories, etc. are all industrial environments.


Phase 4: Construction of the digital production line with world-class technology.


Currently, Pars Tile is one of the most equipped and few producers able to produce all kinds of products, including ordinary tiles, ceramics, porcelain and porcelain porcelain and digital porcelain, using the young and efficient forces, while powerful In foreign markets, it is committed to presenting the latest products in line with world standards in diverse designs and colors, and is proud to present our compassionate products with the environment as a green tile to our countrymen.



467574 CE

DQS Holding GmbH
ISO 9001 : 2005

DQS Holding GmbH
ISO 9001 : 2005

‌BS OHSAS 18001:2007

‌BS EN ISO 14001:2015




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